What better for acne scar - Mederma or Contractubex?

The question as to which drug is more effective for acne scar - Mederma or Contractubex - must be considered from the perspective of the use of these funds. Despite the use of similar, these drugs were originally created with different very specific goals.

Mederma for acne scar

Mederma is, above all, to deal effectively with cosmetic scars small size. To include such small traces that remains after removal of tattoos, small cuts or acne. At the same time, the manufacturers claim that Mederma can be successfully used to combat stretch marks, which are formed during pregnancy or too rapid weight changes. Get rid of cosmetic defects using Mederma not work, but the skin is much better, and stretching can perceive ultraviolet light, which allows the skin to bake evenly. Tan with will stretch almost invisible.
Mederma for acne scar

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews of Mederma for acne scar

I made the mistake of not taking care of my skin while I was pregnant and then after I had my daughter, I gained even more weight which led to some very unsightly stretch marks. I have been lost almost 50 pounds over the past 9 months thanks to an awesome personal trainer and a daily does of green tea extract and raspberry ketones, Green Tea Extract 60 Capsules (500mg) + FREE 25 Grams Raspberry Ketones Powder. I give credit to these supplements as being the only thing that actually get my cravings and appetite under control (oh yeah my cravings did not stop when I had my baby!).

Although I am just about at my weight pre-pregnancy, I still have the stretch marks to remind me that I let my weight get out of control. I have been using this cream for 2 months now, and no it is not a miracle cream that has magically erased my stretch marks, but it definitely has decreased the appearance of them. They are lighter and blend in better.

If you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy, you totally should be using this cream as you lose the weight, not after! And also get some type of supplement to help suppress your appetite, makes things so much easier (and less painful!).

Contractubex for acne scar
Contractubex originally designed to remove traces of extensive skin damage. These effects include the large postoperative seams, traces of thermal or chemical burns, etc.
Contractubex for acne scar

Customer review Contractubex for acne scar :

This product is great, don't shy away from using it. I used it several years ago for Keloid, I have many of them after a bad case of chickenpox when I was 15 (30 years ago) (I am not from USA and I am surprise is not even mention in here). So yes I have them big and thick and shinny keloids. What it did, it smooth, and soften them down. I put pressure on them with a nickel (per my Dermatologist indication )on top of the tissue (clean nickel) and for the one I have in the tights there was no need the skinny jean did the job. Anyway I don't think the pressure really makes a difference. What do I have now, some of them are completely blended, some of them look like a flat round small scar nothing obvious, a lot better than the keloid. Regardless I used very often for almost a year. You will notice the difference, it will be slow but steady. It get softer, not bumpy anymore until eventually it flattens. I have used it again for a spider bit scare that left me with a quarter size bump, not to ugly, but it was darker than my skin tone and the hair start to grow dark and thicker. I used it randomly for weeks and then stop, I got bored of looking to see the change. Anyway after few months I kind of pay attention to it again, and it is now lighter and the hair is growing normal, and the skin is softer. I start to put it on again. Something I am trying now, is to used it on my stretch marks (new one), they are red so they started to form, I can see the stretch underneath. Anyway I see them diminishing, I see them getting less red everyday, but can't be sure if is me or is it really happening. So I am working now in only looking to one to see if it really does something, will update. This product is also used for genital scars, can't speak for this one.


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Thanks for sharing this information. I would like to try Contratubex too!
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Anonymous said...

I like Invicible scars better. It's one safest cream ever invented

Anonymous said...

Mederma is the worst thing ever. My face looks horrible. Instead of shrinking, my scar expanded greatly, and now i'm bound to go for surgery

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Anonymous said...

Invicible scars is a good option. I have used tonnes of scar treatments, out of which this one actually worked.

Anonymous said...

I used mederma and i ended up emptying it without getting any results out of it. Don't try it

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